House Tidmarsh

Like the tree on their sigil, the noble Tidmarsh family’s roots go deep into the soil, enabling them to stand strong come rain, wind or snow. Time and time again they have demonstrated this strength both on and off the water, whether it’s rafting hard with a fire in their eyes against other teams during head to head races or ploughing a 1000 acre farm by hand.

The Tidmarshs are believed to be the first family to have invented cider, circa 41 BC, using the once rare tidlicious apples (unfortunately no longer in existence). However, unlike today’s widely popular beverage, the Tidmarsh cider had an ABV of 136% and was used as a test of strength across the whole of the South West of England (however, many reports claim it also got to America, though there are no records from anyone who survived tasting it). Many tried to test their strength by consuming the mighty beverage, but only the Tidmarsh family could handle the power. In fact the drink is said to have been so powerful, that it’s still coursing through the veins of the family today and could be the reason why their love of the drink still remains.

While only one member of Team Oarsome bears the Tidmarsh name, but both Lucy and Anna demonstrate their cider fuelled strength on a daily basis. Lucy Tidmarsh is dedicated to her role as the Chief Cider Officer (CCO) and never lets any drop go to waste. She provides personal recommendations for the type of cider best paired with the variety of battles the team faces. Anna Tidmarsh married into the Glue Clan in 2010 and today users her strength and iron-fist rule to lead the ladies team to glory as their team captain.*

*Anna Glue is Captain for the Oarsome Ladies and Admiral Bloodworth, leads the Oarsome fleet and is Captain for all of Oarsome.