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At Team Oarsome we not only feel it is important to conquer the world of raft racing, but also to capture this epic world event on film (okay so we don’t use film, stop being picky). Our hope is that these videos can be passed from generation to generation and help educate the heroes of tomorrow – in fact rumour has it that the Governments of the world are already coming together to make Team Oarsome films mandatory in schools and that they are being actively used in bringing peace to the world.

Team Oarsome masterpieces are filled with glory, honour and some rafting. We should warn you that studies by some of the world’s greatest scientific minds have studied the effects of the videos and have found such vivid scenes of strength and power can cause, what they have deemed as, super virility.

To watch our videos head over to the Team Oarsome Youtube channel and subscribe to be kept up to date when a new video comes out. Before you leave though, why not check out our latest video…

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