House Newton Taylor

The Newton Taylor family was established after a mighty conjoining of the famous Newton family (those clever chaps who invented gravity and who still hold the patent to it today) and the innovative Taylor family, whose occupational surname came from the wide range of battle ready clothes and armour they developed for one of the most important battles of Ancient Greece – the Battle of Marathon (490 BC).

The family’s most famous warrior was Clemithan. Records from the family’s extensive archives state that Clemithan’s mother, a human woman, laid with the Greek god of fire, Hephaestus, and that the son that she bore was forged from the fire in his father’s heart.

Today, the Team Oarsome Ladies include a direct ancestor of the mighty warrior – Clemmie, who was named for the fire that runs in her blood like her relative’s did before her.

The family’s beverage of choice is tequila, which they lace with scorpion venom, as they recognise the scorpion as a creature that is perceived both as an embodiment of evil and a protective force that counters it, which is why it features on their sigil.