House Glue

Very little is known about the Glue clan and that which historians have recorded is unverified and has been deemed almost impossible to determine its validity.

It is said that some of the largest events in history, including the Battle of Svolder, cicero’s rise to power and Edward VIII’s abdication (just to mention a few), have all been instigated by Glues who have operated as the ‘king makers’, pulling strings and influencing public perception to align it with their objectives of ultimately enabling Team Oarsome’s rise to power (though there is of course no evidence to support such claims………potentially exactly the way the Glues would have planned it).

The clan’s sigil states that ‘our word is our bond’, but as to whether this can believed is unknown…

Today, Trevor Glue is Director for Team Oarsome’s highly regarded Ministry of Propaganda – responsible for raising awareness of the team around the world and ensuring all know of their epic adventures. While many people claim to have met Trevor, it is unknown if they have met the ‘real’ person as accounts of what he looks like are inconsistent and it is believed he uses stand-ins to prevent his real identify being discovered.

Emma Glue is also in the family business, supporting the development of Team Oarsome propaganda and is head of the Team Oarsome archives. The Team Oarsome archive library dates back thousands of years and contains events too epic for the general public to handle.

In 2010, Anna and Trevor united the Tidmarsh and Glue clans together as kin, through their marriage. Since becoming a Glue, Anna has been responsible for the development of the Team’s much coveted range of clothing, identifying a unique armoury that is capable of embroidering the Oarsome logo using mermaid hair onto some of the world’s toughest fabrics.