House Bloodworth

For over 2000 years the Bloodworth house has stood as a noble family with the strength of steel in both mind and body.

Their sigil was developed after the family’s most famous battle with the mighty Minotaur of Knossos, where they had heroically led the battle party on behalf of Theseus – who history would later inaccurately record as the slayer of the creature. In battle the family could often be heard to give the cry of the mighty Minotaur they had slayed, reminding their opponents of the reason they earned their sigil.

Generations of selective breeding have preserved the mighty family’s bloodline, ensuring the classic Bloodworth features –the strength of a minotaur, a lust for battle and an unquenchable need for meat – are maintained.

They also seem to be somewhat more tolerant than other people to extreme alcohol intake, though they are by no means invulnerable to the consumption of ale – or at least, not all of them….

Today Matthew Bloodworth (aka Moo, resulting from the family’s historic battle cry) stands as the captain of Team Oarsome, supported by his Brother – Rob ‘Beard of Justice’ Bloodworth a powerhouse in the Oarsome raft.