House Livingstone

House Livingstone is believed to be the oldest house in Oarsome history. The first Livingstones were direct embodiment of their name, forged from 15 large fallen sections of Carnedd Llewelyn (which had stood as the tallest Welsh mountain until that point). Over the centuries the large rocks were carved by the rain, wind and snow, and resembled large immovable figures standing on the side of the mountain.

After 100 years of the rocks standing stoically on the mountain side, they disappeared in a single night.  Local clan stories claimed that the large rocks were brought to life by the mighty flames of Y Ddraig Goc and that the carreg byw warriors could be heard marching across the Snowdon valleys on dark and stormy nights.

A clan emerged who called themselves the Living Stones who were believed to be direct descendants of the carreg byw warriors and who in battle appeared to be unable to be killed by arrow or sword.

The modern House of Livingstone remains┬álinked to their mighty ancestors and are never more at home than when in the mountains or enduring the hardy conditions that the great outdoors has to throw at them. ┬áJo ‘Mojo’ Livingstone joined the House in 2016 and has been rafting as an integral part of the Team Oarsome Ladies since 2012. Both Matthew ‘Grandad’ and Mojo Livingstone are through and through Oarsome – they raft hard and they party harder, or as they would say – ‘Go big or go BIGGER!’