Full Name: Tom Yelf
Team Oarsome's Tom Yelf shooting

Yelfe /yelfy (depending on who’s spelling it) or The Bodyguard
DOB: If I admit this, a careful eye may highlight some legal issues related to a packet of sweets and nobody wants that!

Most Oarsome moment on the water:
After a dramatic capsize and making a valiant attempt to flip the raft back over I noticed a commotion to the side and rushed over not for own safety but for the safety of others. I proceeded to save at least 20 to 40 women and children (some of whom were disabled, blind, deaf orphans with missing limbs etc) dragging them to safety.

Most Oarsome moment off the water:
Running along the bank to return to the raft, seeing my only chance I leapt, temporarily eclipsing the sun from my companions, into the raft

Most Memorable Oarsome Quote:
“Redbull gives us wings, but paddles make us Oarsome”

Specialist skill:
Team security consultant designing and enforcing a full security plan to deal with the teams inevitable fan following and potential threats from jealous rivals.

Also Knitting, but really dangerous knitting

What first attracted you to the world of professional raft racing?
The feel of tight neoprene against my skin

General comments:
Is a Hero someone who can fly? Surely they would need wings? Is a Hero someone who can swim under water? Surely they would need gills. Is a Hero some one who glides effortlessly down rivers? Surely they would need Paddles?

We have paddles we are heroes and were working on the other two