Team Oarsome Polo Shirt

All things to all people, the Team Oarsome crew polo has all the practical efficiency to get you through any combat zone, on or off the water. The uniquely Oarsome material is a combination of kevlar and gore-tex, keeping both bullets and up to grade 6 white water at bay. The stitching is reinforced with hypalon, hacked from the rafts of defeated teams (but not team duck as their material was too weak) and a special coating of redbull that passes into the skin of the person wearing it, to keep the drinking session going for longer.

Most importantly the Team Oarsome logo keeps you standing out from the crowd, made from 100% mermaid hair it acts as a beacon to all. Vogue, cosmopolitan and soldier of fortune magazines all listed the crew polo as a must have for the 21st century.

Team Oarsome Polo