Team Oarsome ‘Classic’ T-Shirt

Although not strictly merchandise yet, there has been so much interest from buyers, agents and auction houses that we have had to list these legendary items. It’s thought that it will be centuries before one of these items becomes available on the open market. According to the founding myths of Oarsome six authentic t-shirts were forged to bind the team together for their first assault on the world of raft racing, each individually branded to each hero bearing a ‘code name’ to help them identify each other through the fog of war. Most importantly for collectors of team Oarsome memorabilia the team Oarsome logo shows a paddle, yet no sign of the now legendary mace! Oarsome experts and scientitians have compared these artefacts to fossil remains of the first humans to walk upright, saying they represent “the dawn of Oarsome”.

Team Oarsome Classic T-shirt