Horn of Shame

Once upon the mists of Team Oarsome time (a long and glorious period of history) the team were trekking across/conquering ancient Greece; inventing philosophy and algebra and saving a 1000 orphans from a rampaging army of Minotaur.

While the army of Minotaur were too strong for mere mortals, Team Oarsome defeated the army, as you would expect, with ease and valour. This caused such disgrace with the king of the Minotour that he died before Team Oarsome could reach him. To ensure that all would remember the battle, Team Oarsome cut off the kings largest horn and deemed that it would be used to punish those who demonstrated weakness, fear, shame or generally looked like they deserve it.

Today the horn is still used as a weapon against the foolhardy, the breakers of the international imbibing rules and those who simply need it to build character. As the horn is unleashed the crowd will join in unison to celebrate the rich history of the horn and will sing with all their will “hooooorn of shaaaaaaame, hey, horn of shame, hoooooorn of shaaaame hey……

Photo: Team Oarsome’s Rob ‘Beard of Justice’ Bloodworth demonstrating that the horn of shame can’t impact the glory of Oarsome, as well as modelling his horn of justice (and we’re not talking about the way he is standing)