Clemmie Newton Taylor water skiing team oarsome

Full Name: Clemmie Newton-Taylor
NT, Lemons, HeadD.O.B: Deployable Operating Bases

Most Oarsome Moment on the Water:
I was once in a raft. … Thailand, Grade 3 (more likely 2) … not so hardcore, but did get out of the water straight onto an Elephant.

Most oarsome off water moment:St.Paddy’s day 2012, Guinness, pint 6. England win Rugby, Clemmie wins Paddy’s day hat and t-shirt

Most Memorable Oarsome Quote:
To live as Oarsome is to live without fear

Specialist Skills:
Expanding the love for Tequilla

What First Attracted You to the World of Professional Raft Racing?
Drink. Sunshine. Water.

General Comments:
The challenge is set.