Welcome to the Team Oarsome website, which we hope will be a feast for all your senses, though we would warn you that the pages on this site contain such outstanding imagery of glory that you may experience minor side effects*

Team Oarsome are dedicated to the implementation of the rafting revolution and to help increase the epicness of both this mighty sport and the other adventures we throw ourselves into.

To help you better understand Team Oarsome, we have put together a short selection of the questions we are asked on a regular basis…scroll down to read them…

Frequently asked questions

To help you to get to know Team Oarsome a little better, below is a list of frequently asked questions.

Who are Team Oarsome?
Team Oarsome’s members are an elite clan of warriors who are dedicated to instilling adventure, frivolity and passion (though this typically means loud shouting) into everything they do. However, it is important to understand that Team Oarsome is not merely a team of people, but is a state of mind – for to be Oarsome, you must live Oarsome.

How can I join Team Oarsome?
This is one of the questions we are most frequently asked and is equally one that is most difficult to answer. Like Buddhists trying to achieve nirvana, becoming Oarsome is a long and arduous journey and requires many tests of glory, strength and ineptitude. However, if you have a love of bacon, cheese, ale and gin, a fear of training and planning and a lack of self-control, then you are ready to start your journey to Oarsomenessness.

There doesn’t seem to be much on this website about Team Oarsome winning raft races?
The first rule of team Oarsome winning raft races, is you don’t talk about team Oarsome winning raft races.

Where is Team Oarsome based?
Team Oarsome is internationally renowned and has ‘friends of Oarsome’ from across the globe. Members of Team Oarsomeconsider themselves to be ‘citizens of the world’ and as a result of their glory and the harmony they inspire, have been requested by the United Nations to operate as peace ambassadors. Though officially Valhalla is the permanent residence of Team Oarsome.

What inspired Team Oarsome to launch its own range of clothing

Following discussions with other racing focused teams, the Team Oarsome brains trust deduced that finishing naked in all raft races and adventures was not normal. It was in fact proof that the clothing of mere mortals could not endure the extremes of power, glory and oarsomness that every Team Oarsome member emits. clothing needed to be redefined, and following a lengthy research and development phase, involving: the BAE weapons arm, Hugo boss and the sacrifice of many precious mermaids the future of clothing was revealed….

*Recorded minor side effects include: blindness, FOMO, uncontrollable horniness and temporary, though permanent signs of death.