Team Oarsome Boxers (aka Pants of Oarsome)

Team Oarsome Underwear

Boxers-the vanguard of the new Team Oarsome Adonis range, made for men with women in mind.

Made from 100% great white shark skin, which has been cut from live sharks right at the moment it kills its prey. The boxers are then marinated in alpha male wolf pheromones, stopping needless bloodshed by keeping beta males at bay. These exotic fabrics entice any helpless females within a 100miles (or as its known in academic circles “the OARSOME zone of lust”).

Consequently, as of 2013, the Oxford dictionary will replace the definition of animal magnetism with a picture of Rob in his boxers. This move by the legendary publication has made the Oxford dictionary, for the first time since first publication in 1884, a top shelf publication. Huzza!

The Team Oarsome Boxers are currently being used to protect some of the most important on water assets available in the rafting world today. The Team Oarsome underwear is built for performance and pure eroticism, plus the cherry on top of the icing on the cake, is the traditional team OARSOME logo…