Beloved captain of Team Oarsome, Moo and he who loves yellow (Ewan) recent journeyed out to Uganda as part of EFOD (Engineers for overseas development) to help with local development projects. No strangers to white water, Moo and Ewan decided to take to the calm waters of the Nile (pictured). Clearly not feeling that the somewhat choppy water was enough of a challenge, Moo decided to hurl his paddle into the water at which point he had his picture snapped by local reporters.

Asked for his view on the photo he simply replied “it’s classic Oarsome”. Despite a flurry of questions from local paparazzi, Ewan denies that Moo was trying to get away with not having to paddle leaving him to do all the work stating “whether there are 2 of you on the water or 6, we always remain a team – we never give up and as Dave would say we can’t be killed”.

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