Matthew “Captain Oarsome” Bloodworth

Team Oarsome's team captain, matthew bloodworthFull Name: Matt Bloodworth
Moo / Captain / Sir
D.O.B: Long enough ago to make me wise but near enough to make me able
Place of Birth:

Most Oarsome Moment on the Water:
Gates 6 and 7 on the Lee valley course during the GB selection (in which we finished top 10 in the UK)

Most oarsome off water moment:
Winning the ‘Oarsome award’ for outstanding commitment to the team.

Most Memorable Oarsome Quote:
“that’s Classic Oarsome”

Specialist Skills:
I can appear relatively sober right up to the point where I pass out

What First Attracted You to the World of Professional Raft Racing?
The glory

General Comments:
If I were a woodland animal I would be a badger