British Raft Race Series – Llandysul 2010

From the delivery of strength, power and above all passion at the British Raft Race series in Llandysul, you wouldn’t have known that this was Team Oarsome’s first event.

Team oarsome rafting in wales

Team Oarsome’s First British Raft Race Series Event

Team Oarsome on that fine day included Matthew “moo” Bloodworth (Captain, Rear Port), Tom “the bodyguard” Yelf (Rear Staboard), Andy “4 shots” Prostance (Drinks Tester, Mid Port), Glue (Mid Starboard), Dave “smells of cheese” Evans (Morale officer, Front Port) and Rob “Hero” Bloodworth (Front Starboard). It is this brave 6 who formed the original Team Oarsome.

The two day British Raft Race event finished with an endurance event that enabled Team Oarsome to come into their own. Top of their division Team Oarsome got an early lead and one that they did not concede for the whole of the endurance. The endurance required laps of the still water lake, a swim to obtain a body board (bravely undertaken byYelfy) and plenty of high fives before finally hitting the water water of the river in a race to the finish.

Whilst this might have been Team Oarsome’s first outing on the water, they were certainly no strangers to the evening event, winning the BRRS (un)official boat race.

Team Oarsome partying in Llandysul

Team Oarsome Llandysul Video

If you can handle it, then why not watch the footage from Llandysul in this tailer for London 2011

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