Horns of Justice

Team Oarsome Horns of Justice
The Team Oarsome Horns of Justice have been passed fromgeneration to generation and the origins of the drinking vessels are unconfirmed. However many historians have been commissioned to ascertain the true origin of these powerful beverage receptacles and many have been quoted as saying that the horns were taken as a result of the ancient battle of Clanlladory.

The Battle of Clanlladory

Horn-ofJusticeAccording to the many famous accredited Team Oarsome historians (far many to name here individually) the battle of Clanlladory saw Team Oarsome taken on an 8 horned kraken.
After many hours of ferocious fighting the team decided to spare the life of the beast and to ensure it could harm no other ships they removed its horns. After this momentous event in Team Oarsome history there were no further sightings of the de-horned beast, nor any occurrences that could disprove that this story was anything less than (quite clearly) being 100% true.

Today the Horns of Justice are used to quench the thirst of the team and serve as an ongoing reminder of the glory and justice that was served during one of their earliest battles with evil.

Additional benefits of the Horns of Justice

The Horns of Justice have not only served as the best means of delivering alchohol to the team, but have also enabled the them to deliver comical lines including “have you seen my horn”, “would you like to drink from my horn”, “Rob just put his finger in my horn” and “unleash the horn”……………the list goes on, but they are very much following this trend.

Want to drink from the Team Oarsome horn?

As you’ll have read, there are only 8 Team Oarsome Horns of Justice in existence (and short of another horned Kraken daring to raise its ugly face, there will only ever be this many). However the fantastically helpful people Kilts WiHae sell replicas made from Ox Horn. If you would like your very own replica Team Oarsome Horn of Justice click here