Team Oarsome GrandadFull Name: Mr Mathew Neil Livingstone.
AKA: Grandad.
D.O.B: Yep that’s right it was on a cold winters morning I emerged out of a red bull race raft in Llandysul November 2012!

Most Oarsome moment on the water:
On the very weekend I was born against all odds team oresome came in 3rd yes incredible right?!!

Most Oarsome moment off the water:
Meeting my Jo in Portugal…. FACT!

Most memorable Oarsome Quote:
OARSOME! OARSOME! OARSOME! I know this a chant, but every-time we chant the word Oarsome the hairs on the back of my neck stand to attention and my spine tingles!!

Specialist skills:
Tying my own shoe laces! Impressive huh! And being just Oarsome of course.

What first attracted you to the world of professional rafting:
Huh I born rafting I emerged out of a red bull race raft! Oh and I like to have good excuses for being outdoors, near or in water, being active in some way and at the end of a hard fought day having a good olde knees-up!

General comments:
The torment of precaution is worse than the danger it seeks to avoid it is better to abandon yourself to destiny!, don’t be afraid to fail be afraid not to try!