Team Oarsome Trevor Glue WakeboardingFull Name: Trevor Glue
AKA: Glue, Lil Trev, Director of the Team Oarsome Ministry of Propaganda
D.O.B: 26/09/1802

Most Oarsome Moment on the Water:
2nd run of the slalom at Lee Valley, we blast through gate 6, power out of the gate and head straight down to the upsteam gate 7 and nail it, drunk on the success of these 2 gates we decided it’s time for a flip test (see video). However this is not where it ends, as we then successfully re-group back on the raft, surfacing out of the water not as men, but as heroes!

Most oarsome off water moment:
There have been so many from; “Yelfgate” where the 16 strong jury exonerated Yelfy (history will show that we always knew this would be the case), thanks to video evidence, of the accusations of abandoning the sinking Team Oarsome Vessel, through to the first time I got to wear one of the most prolific items of clothing in the rafting world – the Team Oarsome Blazer. However I think that my favourite off water Oarsome moment was the after rafting party in Llandysul, where the grey shirts of Team Oarsome dominated the dance floor, the boat race and the eating of hog roast.

Most Memorable Oarsome Quote:
“Heroes become Legends”

Specialist Skills:
The capturing of Glory and honour on video as well as Propaganda

What First Attracted You to the World of Professional Raft Racing?
Almost a rhetorical question I feel, I mean look at the people on the team………….the chance to spend time, rafting at the highest level with 5 of the bravest, most heroic people I’ve ever met is something you can’t turn down.

General Comments:
Oarsome is a state of mind, much like that of a Ninja – you have to be in a constant state of readiness, you have to be willing to sacrifice yourself for the good of the team.

Unfortunately there are many great things in life that must come to an end, but the heroics of Oarsome will echo through all eternity; of this I can be sure.