Team Oarsome – The People’s Heroes

Oarsome at Saving livesOarsome at Work

Captain Oarsome and the newest addition to the Oarsome revolution Olivia Blok (most recently part of a Team Oarsome top 4 result in a Welsh national event) visited Uganda to complete the construction of a 50,000 litre rainwater harvesting tank for an educational charity called TESS. The scheme is in Kapir, between Kumi and Soroti in eastern Uganda.

During their two week trip in November 2013, they were able to complete the work leaving a fully operational tank. The tank will supply the first phase of a vocational school planned for the area and is sufficient to supply drinking water for the project and surrounding villages ergo Team Oarsome – saving orphans as a matter of course!

Now for the boring science bit – The tank is constructed using interlocking stabilised soil blocks (ISSB’s) supporting external structural steelwork and internal waterproof render.


During the trip Liv almost cut her finger off and the situation was only saved by the Oarsome emergency response procedure – aka – Maning the F up and getting on with it.



Getting Stuck In

Even on holiday members of Team Oarsome are always looking out for opportunities to get on the water.

The Glues recent trip to New Zealand saw them take to the waters of a grade 5 section of the kaituna river on the North Island and grade 3-4 section of the shotover river near Queenstown on the South Island. The kaituna trip saw them take on the world’s highest commercially raftable waterfall at an Oarsome 7m – due to some over eager paddling (classic Oarsome) the raft powered hard off the top of the fall and emerged upside down by the bottom.

Welcome back to the Glues and good to see Team Oarsome’s continued global presence being noticed.

New Zealand Team Oarsome

The Team Oarsome Family Grows

Dedication can sometimes be an overused word, but not in the case of Team Oarsome’s Andy ‘4 shots’ Postance who ensured that when his little girl entered the world one of the first things she would see is the Team Oarsome logo.

From everyone at Team Oarsome we would like to say a huge congratulations to 4 shots and his fantastic partner Jess and are pleased to welcome aboard Freya Olivia Syer Postance as the newest member to Team Oarsome Juniors.

Unsurprisingly 60% of Team Oarsome fans are females between 25-34 (yes we monitor everything!). As such I’m assured that the following is important information:

Born 6.05am on 04/12/11
weight 6lbs 12oz

TeamOarsome 4 Shots with Freya

Paddles are for wimps

Beloved captain of Team Oarsome, Moo and he who loves yellow (Ewan) recent journeyed out to Uganda as part of EFOD (Engineers for overseas development) to help with local development projects. No strangers to white water, Moo and Ewan decided to take to the calm waters of the Nile (pictured). Clearly not feeling that the somewhat choppy water was enough of a challenge, Moo decided to hurl his paddle into the water at which point he had his picture snapped by local reporters.

Asked for his view on the photo he simply replied “it’s classic Oarsome”. Despite a flurry of questions from local paparazzi, Ewan denies that Moo was trying to get away with not having to paddle leaving him to do all the work stating “whether there are 2 of you on the water or 6, we always remain a team – we never give up and as Dave would say we can’t be killed”.

For more information on the fantastic work EFOD does visit


The taste of glory

What is it like to taste victory on a regular basis like Team Oarsome, well now you no longer need to wonder as you can taste it for yourself. Oarsome Ale, the drink of Heroes!

Oarsome Ale

There goes the budget

Despite suggestion that more power shakes might be a wise investmentent, Team Oarsome opted to promote there attendance at this year’s R6 selection at Lee Valley White Water Centre.

Moo, Oarsome Team Captain, commented “electrolytes appear naturally in the bodies of Team Oarsome members, so we didn’t need more. Instead we decided to spend the money on a 40ft poster” – well you certainly can’t fault their logic, after all it does look Oarsome (who comes up with this stuff…….).

oarsome billboard