Alan Rotsey


Team Oarsome Alan RotseyFull Name: Alan Rotsey
AKA: Big Gay Al
Position on Raft: Back right – any further forward and the raft nosedives
D.O.B: 19/01/1982

Most Oarsome Moment on the Water:
Solo reflipping a raft and eddying out in it to await my (non-Oarsome) teammates during GB selection.

Most Oarsome off water moment:
Eating a leg of pig at Lord Bloodworth’s birthday.

Most memorable Oarsome quote: Accept No Imitations

Specialist Skills:
Being heavy… really heavy. Momentum and inertia are my companions and gravitational forces are higher in my vicinity.

What First Attracted You to the World of Professional Raft Racing?
The endless opportunity for innuendo

General Comments: Best… Day… Ever!!