4 Shots


Full Name: Andrew Postance
AKA: 4 Shots,
D.O.B: 14/03/ MCMLXXIX

Most Oarsome Moment on the Water:
Some say it was the seamless and deadly efficiency of the planned raft re-flip in the Llandysul enduro event, others say holding my breath for 5 mins whilst retrieving my lost 20p piece from the bottom of the rapids in London whilst battling 14000 litres per second of rampaging water.

Most oarsome off water moment:
I am never truly off water; having developed a skill to permanently immerse up to 70% of my internal body in water and occasionally add a deluge of 5 to 55 % alcohol to prevent freezing.

Most Memorable Oarsome Quote
“Rafting is better than heroin”

Specialist Skills:
Skilled and able seaman !

Forming the central nervous system of the raft ensuring the we act as one sentient being

The power of 12 Koala Bears

Striped Back Loop Single Crochet Stitch

Cabin/ tea boy

What First Attracted You to the World of Professional Raft Racing?
Having conquered the majority of adrenaline fuelled sports including unicycle downhill racing, Base Jumping with tablecloth chute, extreme ironing and IED lawn bowls, I thought that rafting seemed the natural progression; and I wasn’t wrong! All we need is a few Piranhas in the water to clean up the unskilled!

General Comments:
Oarsomeness is a state of mind

He who dares rafts